UNBOXING: Aputure AL-528C LED Video Light

I just ordered the Aputure AL-528C LED Video Light, and decided to do an unboxing video upon receiving the light.

The Aputure Amaran AL-528C LED Video Light is a great affordable option for portable video lighting solutions. I runs around $199.00 on Amazon. this one was purchased on Ebay, using the “make offer” option for $170.00 with free shipping.
The AL-528C offers portable natural light with high efficiency bulbs, color temperature adjustability, manual brightness control, LED state displays and a double power supply (ad/dc, battery pack). The design is powerful and compact, the same size as an iPad.
The seamles color temperature control contains both 3200k and 5500k color bulbs. So choosing between tungsten or daylight balanced light, or any color temperature in between is an ease by rotating the Color Temperature Adjustment Wheel.
The light intensity is also easily adjusted by using the frictionless brightness control, while the adjacent LCD displays the power of the light output for precision while shooting. The LCD also features four LED lights to indicate the four levels of remaining battery level.
The Amaran 528C can be powered in two ways: an AC adapter or two lithium batteries. The two methods of power can also be used simultaneously so you can charge your batteries while using your light. Lithium batteries are commonly used (Sony F/FM/QM Series) and are easy to find and replace.
Everything is easily transported with the included and convenient case for the light and all of its accessories, such as filters, lamp bracket and the AC adapter. The compact design makes it perfect for shooting on the run and outside.