Discover Bouldering in Ciudad Universitaria at UNAM – Mexico City

Embedded throughout the cityscape of Mexico City you can find endless bouldering options, some more obvious than others.
In this particular example, I’m talking about Ciudad Universitaria, or “University City.” It’s the territory of the National Atonomous University of Mexico, UNAM. It’s a gigantic place, literally the size of a city, hence “Ciudad Universitatria” or CU. There you will find museums, botanical gardens (which I’ll share in another post), housing, stadiums and Olympic training centers.
A super fascinating fact, is that the land here was once an active volcanic area. So you can find volcanic rock in almost any direction you look, from the landscaping to even the buildings and different structures!
In this video, I had just arrived to Mexico City at about 9am. After a small ride around the city I said “I heard there’s rock climbing at CU, let’s go look.” It was a little difficult to find, but soon enough we realized it was all right before our eyes. There behind the university stadium was a small cove of volcanic rock, it’s called “La Casa de Piedra.” It’s located just under parking lot 6 and is what seems as a maintenance structure, which also serves as a dope traversing wall. The rock is awesome, hard and not too rough. There were chalk marks all across, but only about 8-10ft high. I found out there is not very much gear available and it’s rather expensive. So the lack of crash pads kept people close to the ground.
I didn’t have my shoes on my person, so I gave it a few shots at traversing to get a good feel. I’ll be back, ready to explore.