Mad Rock Climbing 4th of July Sale!


Mad Rock would like to invite you to their annual 4th of July Summer Sale!
Stop by the Mad Rock web store to take advantage of these great savings.
The sale will run from July 3rd to July 5th.


Sale Specials:

25% Off Storewide

$126.75 Redline Special

$78.75 M5 Special

Questions/ Customer Service: (562) 944-8081


EPIC Motivation for Sending Some High Balls

So I just came across another “Epic” bouldering video over at Epic TV. They always run some of the best climbing and bouldering videos that really get my spirits up and excited for the next send. This particular video couldn’t have come at a better time, since this coming weekend the crew and I will be trekking out to Black Mountain, and I have my sights set on the slightly infamous “Big Greenie”.
So even though my sights are set, I’m not quite sure it’s locked and loaded. I’ll have to wait until I’m face to face with this giant, before I know I will go for the send. Any how, I can always count on Epic TV to post something that can just give me that extra motivation to come out charging. This video “Very Hard & Very High-Ball Bouldering (Soloing??) In The Peak District” is full of (as the title states) High Balls. Benjamin Linné Ryn of Sweden is shooting up these highballs, leaving a fine line bordering Soloing? The camera angles are pretty awesome, totally emphasizing the greatness of these colossal boulders. I can’t wait for our trip!

Is Crossfit a Right Fit for You?

With summer quickly approaching many people will undoubtably be on a search to find a workout regiment that yields quick and effective results. Whether you are new to the world of fitness or just flat out tired of your old boring workout routine, crossfit may be exactly what you have been looking for. Crossfit’s unique combination of cardiovascular exercise intertwined with an array of barbell movements as well as skillful gymnastics movements is sure to help you shred through fat, build muscle and have you feeling all around fitter in no time. This unique blend of exercises has attracted millions of people all over the world and is still growing in popularity. The crossfit community is comprised of people of all skill levels making crossfit universal and scalable for virtually anybody who’s willing to take the initiative to perusing a higher quality of life. The following clip is just a taste of what a day in the office is like for these elite athletes. Pictured are two of the biggest names in the sport including 4x fittest man on earth Rich Froning accompanied by the up and coming Mathew Fraser who plans on taking the front seat in this years crossfit games competition. Due to Crossfit’s growing popularity crossfit gyms have increased in numbers making it more accessible for people to join. For more information on Crossfit’s methodology and resources visit or

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