The Awesome Sounds of Marie Charlotte – Siem Music

Ukulele music was once known for being championed by British comics like George Formby, who used the instrument for little music hall songs like ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’. The instrument long fell out of fashion as the electric guitar rose to zeitgeist heights. Thanks to the ease of playing it and the unique relaxed sound, many modern musicians have returned to embracing the little stringed instrument from Fleet Foxes to Amanda Palmer. Read more

Feature Friday – Señor Invisible Mudo

There is so much content online, it can be hard to cut through all the noise and clutter to find people who you really like, people who speak to you on a personal level, who do something extraordinary which makes your heart skip and your eyes light up. The world is full of talent, and everyone has a different definition of it, but there are some artists out there who definitely tick the boxes and stand out from the crowd and absolutely deserve that follow or subscribe. Read more

Don’t Quit Your Day Job #DQYDJ

Eugene Rudd aka Wordplay is dropping a new album, it will be out real soon! In the mean while, I sat down with Word Play to get the low down on the new album, for the first episode to a series of interviews with Word Play about “Dont Quit Your Day Job”. Check it out on his YT Channel. Read more

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