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9/13/2015 9:26 AM


From the depths of my Humble Un Humble Soul

For the longest time I’ve felt the Inland Empire is pretty narrow in terms of the hip hop that comes out of this region.

Without going too far into it I’ll say their seems to be Two very dominant styles that come out of the this area.

Those styles are the ever prevalent Trap Wave and the “where hip hop lives”  Underground.

I’m talking bout you go to a show and either hear someone rapping super Lyrical Miracle Individual leave you Critical

Or you hear them Rapping-and Trappin-between High hats, 808’s and other various Basslines

If you pay attention you either hear people sounding similar to Big Pun, Wu Tang, and 2 Mex

Or they sound like Asap Mob

There’s a few Artist who are Creative and Do their Own Thing but I’m not talking about that.

On Dont Quit Your Day Job, I chose to not be a product of my environment. I didn’t want to sound Trap or Underground and really aimed for a more MainStream audience.

I threw Skits in my project cause I’ve always known I could create music with that kind of story telling Method…and Attempted…to make the Majority of my Songs as Catchy as Possible.

On the Contrary I made a song where I Narrated or Talked through the chorus https://soundcloud.com/word-play/daniel-eugene-transparent-prod-by-mafio?in=word-play/sets/dont-quit-your-day-job- dqdj because I also wanted to make a non traditional track without a Hook or Bridge.

In the end I felt I accomplished my goal of being completely outside the box and creating something That Most Likely Wasn’t Expected From Me.

Hell, I even kept the Recording Process a Secret Until The Project was Darn Near Complete, Mixing/Engineering, Features and All.

Last But Not Least

Quit advertising every move you make.  Focus on your art while simultaneously making your moves.  Handle your promo as you see fit but remember, your finished works are going to out live your post about “being in the studio.”

And quit releasing every single piece of material the same day its been recorded.

I took a different route altogether and it seems to be working for me.







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