Exotic Cars, Super Cars and Bespoke Wheels All in One Place

If you ever dreamed about fast cars and a luxurious lifestyle and have wanted to have even a little taste of it, the HRE Open House is one event you want to put on your calendar.

Walking in any direction you are sure to run across Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, to name a few, and some cars you might have never seen or heard of before. Not to mention, these cars are sitting on some of the finest bespoke wheels in the industry, HRE Wheels.
And if just being around this luxurious lifestyle isn’t enough, you even have the chance to win yourself a set of HRE wheels made specifically to your vehicle. I’m not sure if rolling around in a Honda Accord with bespoke HRE Wheels will quite get you into the High Rollers club, but it is a small step in the direction.
The HRE Open House happens annually in the spring.