Puerto Vallarta What To Do | Travelerios

Let it be art and culture or the vibrant artistic sceneries, Puerto Vallarta nests pretty much everything to allure your senses and offer an incredible deal of diversity. There are 21 beaches in this city, which are suitable for all sorts of activities for people belonging to all niches. I mean, whether you are seeking luxury or leisure, it has everything to cater to your needs. Read more

Feature Friday – Señor Invisible Mudo

There is so much content online, it can be hard to cut through all the noise and clutter to find people who you really like, people who speak to you on a personal level, who do something extraordinary which makes your heart skip and your eyes light up. The world is full of talent, and everyone has a different definition of it, but there are some artists out there who definitely tick the boxes and stand out from the crowd and absolutely deserve that follow or subscribe. Read more

Don’t Quit Your Day Job #DQYDJ

Eugene Rudd aka Wordplay is dropping a new album, it will be out real soon! In the mean while, I sat down with Word Play to get the low down on the new album, for the first episode to a series of interviews with Word Play about “Dont Quit Your Day Job”. Check it out on his YT Channel. Read more

EPIC Motivation for Sending Some High Balls

So I just came across another “Epic” bouldering video over at Epic TV. They always run some of the best climbing and bouldering videos that really get my spirits up and excited for the next send. This particular video couldn’t have come at a better time, since this coming weekend the crew and I will be trekking out to Black Mountain, and I have my sights set on the slightly infamous “Big Greenie”.
So even though my sights are set, I’m not quite sure it’s locked and loaded. I’ll have to wait until I’m face to face with this giant, before I know I will go for the send. Any how, I can always count on Epic TV to post something that can just give me that extra motivation to come out charging. This video “Very Hard & Very High-Ball Bouldering (Soloing??) In The Peak District” is full of (as the title states) High Balls. Benjamin Linné Ryn of Sweden is shooting up these highballs, leaving a fine line bordering Soloing? The camera angles are pretty awesome, totally emphasizing the greatness of these colossal boulders. I can’t wait for our trip!

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